About Us

If you are reading this we don’t imagine you will be a stranger, as we’re writing this blog for ourselves (and perhaps our families and friends if they’re interested!) to keep track of our adventures and celebrate the exciting times we have together.

However everyone is welcome! We are TH (Tim) and RP (Becca), and we live in Fife, Scotland. At the time of starting this blog (September 2016) we had been a couple  for around 2.5 years, and living together for a year.

We set up this blog to keep track of the big adventures. Originally that meant major trips, but given a question Tim asked at Multnomah Falls (follow that tag to the post and look closely at the photos, we didn’t say anything in the post as we wanted to tell our families first!) we are now planning a wedding, which might be the biggest adventure of all! So we will use this site to share the wedding planning adventure and also host key information for our guests here too.

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures – and maybe enjoy appearing in a few!