We’re Planning a Wedding!

Thank you for visiting our Wedding Website!

We started this blog in September 2016, when we headed off to the USA to visit Becca’s friend Kate and her family near Seattle, and to do a little roadtripping. We wanted a way to share what we were doing with our families and anyone else who was interested, and also to record our adventures to look back on them.

We were about two thirds of the way through our holiday, at Mulnomah Falls near Portland, Oregon, when Tim asked The Question!

We didn’t announce anything or post any obvious photos on this blog at the time, as we wanted to tell our parents in person when we got back to the UK. We’ve added below a more obvious photograph of the proposal, and the wee knot we agreed to tie!

As the trip shared on this blog started our wedding adventure, we thought it would be nice to use the same website for the details of the day.

We can’t wait to share our wedding day with you.