Our First Overseas Adventure Together!


Today we set off together on our first overseas adventure as THRP, on a three week holiday to the USA! We’re mostly planning to stay with my friend Kate’s family in Silverdale,  with a few adventures to explore further afield.

Our flight left Edinburgh around 8am (we look surprisingly awake in the photo, although we had been up several hours by the point), with a 2 hour stopover in Amsterdam, finally arriving in Seattle-Tacoma Airport around 2.30pm the same day (10.30pm back home). I didn’t get my gluten free food on the flight,  so was tired and very hungry,  but we managed to pick up the car and navigate successfully  (after a brief period heading the wrong way up I5…) to Silverdale. Driving was surprisingly easy – I’ve thousands of miles under my belt this side of the pond, and I guess it doesn’t leave you!

It was wonderful to arrive at our American ‘home’, and see Kate, my American parents, and the dogs Sandy and Gibbs. After a tasty (and desperately needed!) meal we retired to bed, having been awake for  about 26 hours straight, happy and excited for the adventures ahead!


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