Exploring Silverdale

Day 2 of our trip was spent close to ‘home’, exploring the town we’re staying in. Towns are so different here – shopping areas with massive parking lots separated by multi-lane roads a lot of the time, although you do get the occasional street of shops to walk along. And of course there are the shopping malls/centres which we’re familiar with.

The first part of our exploration was spent in convoy with ‘Mom’, as she took us on a tour of the main shopping areas, after a trip to ‘The Y’ (YMCA sports centre). Tim was looking for somewhere to swim while we’re here, and The Y has amazing facilities and a great range of classes, and wouldn’t be too expensive to join for a month if we wait until Monday when there is no joining fee. However we’ll be away a lot and out for long day trips, so we’re not sure we’ll have time to make the most of it.

We then headed off by ourselves (me driving) to Kitsap Mall, where Tim visited his first Macy’s, Kohls, Barnes and Noble, JC Penny’s, and other US staples (I don’t think he found them that groundbreaking, although he did buy a shirt), and we had the first Starbucks of our trip! 

Next stop was The Trails, what we would call a retail park in layout but with normal shops and restaurants. We had lunch at MOD (made on demand) Pizza, where you pick any range of toppings and they fire it for you. It was great that they had gluten free bases, but we were still tasting the roasted garlic the next day!! 

We also wandered around the shops at The Trails, including Old Navy where I picked up some clothes last time I was over. After trying a few different sizes to figure out the conversion I plan to return to get some jeans before leaving.

Next stop was Target, the superstore, where Tim had a cheesy moment with some letters, we stocked up on American sweets and snacks, and marvelled at the range of products in store – and that’s just a small Target! It took us a while to leave as this happened, complete with whirlpool around the drain:

However eventually it let off a little and we braved it back to the car, and headed ‘home’.

We had a nice quiet evening in their incredible house with this stunning view (necessary as we weren’t in the right timezone yet and fading fast), with Kate over to join us for dinner and to plan the weekend adventures ahead!


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