Ball Game Sunday!

Jan, Becca and I started our day in Seattle by picking up Kate on our way to Bainbridge Island ferry, drinking our coffees in the car on the way! We got the ferry which was so smooth and quick, arrived in the big city past cruise ships docking between interesting old angled dock buildings.


We had some time for a tour before the Ball Game, so we walked up into the city and along to Pike Place Market, flying fish stand and beautiful flowers galore.


Then we headed onwards to the first Starbucks which Becca was keen for me to see, but there was a very big queue so we decided to get our next fix elsewhere!

The next stop on the tour was Seattle Public Library, an architectural discussion point here in the city. It is a giant glass pyramid with angled floors creating a book spiral through the “stacks”. I kinda liked it but thought the ceiling tiles were awful. Also wifi routers beneath the false ceiling…. Why?! 

We headed onto the game via Starbucks, and learnt en-route from our host-guides all about how city was raised because basements were flooding. 

We arrived at the baseball stadium just before the 1pm start, which was right by the football (American and soccer) stadium, and found Doug and Katie with our tickets. We entered the stadium, where the staff were all as friendly as usual, lots of “have a nice day” and “how are you?” I had a stadium lunch of chicken tenders and a beer with BBQ sauce, while Bex had garlic fries and helped me with my beer!


We had a good view but the game didn’t go well (certainly not for the LA Angels pitcher that took a strike to his head, think he was ok in the end). We also tried a Kate favourite, Dippin’ Dots ice cream, sort of little frozen balls of flavour. We went for banana split flavour, which I liked but Becca wasn’t so keen! 

After the game we had to make a rapid walk to the ferry which turned out to be late, but we enjoyed another good-weather crossing.

Back at the house we had a delicious cafeteria dinner made up of all the left overs from previous meals – so much tastiness on one plate!


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