A Car Sale and more Blackberry Wine!

Kate was off work for Labor Day and selling her beloved car to a friend, so Tim and I had a later start and headed out to pick her up (or pick up the pieces if necessary!) following the transaction. Luckily she was in one piece, excited to be planning for her new car, and happy to be passing the old one on to a good new owner, so we headed out to celebrate (I’ll pretend we had an excuse to eat out again…). 

Today’s venue of choice was the Boat Shed at Bremerton, an old favourite of mine with super cheesy nachos. Or at least that’s what I was expecting, they weren’t quite as good as I remembered! Maybe I’m just getting over food being the most important thing in life, as this seems to be happening a lot??! Anyway, we had fun!

After lunch we took a mini walk on the stoney beach by the boatshed, so I could look for shells. I found a couple of nice ones, along with lots of alive sea snails and baby crabs which we left alone.

Our next stop was the Blackberry Festival which was still going on along the road, to get more of the Blackberry Dessert Wine for drinking and deserts. We managed to resist Coldstone Creamery this time around, and headed back to Silverdale and Target so Tim could buy some walking socks, then back to the house.

Kate and I played some Settlers of Catan (a tradition!) while waiting for Jan and Doug to get back from visiting their Nana, but after a while gave up waiting and the three of us took a very excited Gibbs down the road to the wooded Anderson Landing for a walk (or partial run for Tim and Gibbs). 

Then there was more Settlers before dinner, then everyone but Doug had a good game of Apples to Apples over ice cream with Blackberry Dessert Wine – a delicious and combo! I really want to get a UK version of that game – it’s not all about the food, honest!


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