Another Day in the Big City (Seattle!)

This morning we took the ferry, this time from Bremerton, over to Seattle.  After a bit of a dash around town looking for parking we eventually got a space that wasn’t permit only or car pool etc! The ferry ride was as smooth as Bainbridge Island however much more interesting, as it found its way between the peninsulas before making its way across to Seattle waterfront. 

After docking we had a walk around the shopping area and found the Cheesecake Factory (for later!) and a few other stores.  Next stop was the Seattle Centre where the Space Needle is, in true 1960s fashion we hopped on the monorail which only took about 5 minutes to get us out to the site, coming out right under the Space Needle,  which was built for the 1962 World Fair. 

Once there we had a walk around the periphery of the site which seemed to be clearing up after an event, Bumbershoot week I’m guessing (Seattle’s answer to the Edinburgh Fringe). We had a look around the outside of the EMP museum (experience music project museum) instantly recognisable as a Frank Gehry building!


We were very hungry by that point and stopped in at McDonald’s for a quick lunch (we couldn’t find anything better, honest!). 

Chihuly Garden and Glass is the latest addition to the site,  and is focused around the eclectic glass sculptures and creations of Dale Chihuly dating back to the 1970s. The exhibition was accompanied  by a set of online audio descriptions to set the scene, which we accessed through our mobile phones. Here are some of our best photos:

img-20160913-wa0013The above inspired by native basket making techniques

img_20160906_124714These were sealife inspired and had some interesting sketches around the walls and a massive blue sea-water sculpture in the centre

img-20160913-wa0015This display was a vast ceiling of colour and shapes backlit to show all the exciting textures and colors used within the glass.

img_20160906_130839Inspired by his mum’s garden growing up the artist created a master leice of colours. The round ones really reminded me of marbles but giant! 

img_20160906_132135Becca’s favourite was this installation  inspired by Scandinavian fishing vessels.

The chandeliers weren’t really to my taste but I could appreciate the skill and shear weight of these, which were in part replicas of an installation Dale had undertaken in Venice in the mid 90s

These were my favourites,  made using exciting colours only available from European stained glass suppliers:

After this the exhibition loosened up a bit leading through a greenhouse with stunning views up to the Space Needle above on into the garden which juxtaposed glass with con temporary planting.


It really was a great place to visit – we would really recommend  it! 

We passed some amazing new building sites on the way back into town, and thinking I was being architecturally ground breaking I named it blobitecture… However this term has been around for ages 😦


We arrived back in town in perfect time for a spot of Cheesecake Factory indulgence, arriving to find an amazing array of gorgeous cakes on display. After deliberating over a coffee we made our choices, me opting for the oh-so-trendy salted caramel and Bex going for raspberry and white chocolate. Unbelievably I couldn’t eat all of mine so took it away in a box,  along with the gluteny base of Bex’s.

On Sunday we’d seen the beautiful flowers at the Market so thought we’d treat our hosts to a colourful bunch with sunflowers.  Joining to masses of people roaming Seattle holding their flowers we headed back to the ferry – making sure to catch the Brementon boat, not the Bainbridge Island one. Knowing we’d be late back we sent a text ahead, to which we received a reply as one very long word with a lot of Greek alphabet letters –  something lost in translation there I think! 

After a lovely dinner we got ourselves an early night, tired out from our adventuring and ready for the adventures of Wednesday!


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