Tim takes the Wheel – to Poulsbo

Today Tim was feeling inspired to try driving an automatic on the wrong side of the road for the first time, so I buried my desire to retain this unique driving skill, gritted my teeth, and took on the role of irritating passenger who shouts things like “remember you’re turning into the right”, “move left in the lane” and “watch that tree!!”. He did annoyingly well.

He drove us to Poulsbo, a Norwegian-style town in the same county as Silverdale, stopping en route at Central Market which was amazing and used up about an hour of our day admiring all the buckets of nuts, grains, sweets, fresh produce and gluten free goodies! We left with quite a collection, including some bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale for the Cummings’, and some of these for Tim:

Poulsbo itself is a cute wee place, full of crafty shops and boutiques, with painted walls and Norwegian twists, set along the coast. We had a wander around the main street, stopping at Sluy’s bakery to buy Tim a tasty-looking donut, and lunch at the Green Light Diner – Tim’s first American diner experience!

After lunch we headed back to Silverdale, stopping in at TJ Maxx where Tim bought a water bottle, and then Safeway for fuel and Starbucks (because we’re on holiday!), then back to the house.

Kate’s Nana was over for the evening, and we all had a good meal, followed by the family tradition of a “party” where Nana feeds the dogs a cup of treats one at a time. They adore her – and not just for the treats! Here are the two gorgeous canine family members, Sandy (who is sadly getting rather old but as dignified as ever) and the ever-mischievious Gibbs.

And a family photo:


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