Vancouver ‘ventures

​Saturday was our full day in Vancouver, and we set off early to find breakfast and start exploring. Breakfast ended up being in a coffee shop with incredibly attractive drinks and cinnamon buns for the two normal-eaters – lucky folks!

We then headed down to Granville Island, successfully this time. It is terribly badly signposted for people coming on foot, at least from the direction we approached from, but eventually we saw this welcome sign!

We wanted to do a tour and tasting of the Granville Island Brewery, so we headed straight there and booked a place on the 12noon tour then went off to explore the “island” (it’s connected to the land, and man-made, but anyway…) in the meantime. 

There were information stands for their Fringe Festival (Donald Trump the Musical sounded particularly interesting, one way or another!), lots of lovely but expensive craft stores, and some slightly odd ones like the Dragon one. There was one selling different silk products which had a couple of boxes showing the silk worm lifecycle which had lots of large silk moths (maybe they have another name?) in them.

There was also a large concrete works with colourful storage towers and cement trucks, which is one of the longest-operating businesses on the Island.

Then it was time for our Brewery Tour! The tour was a bit too fast so we struggled to catch all was said, but the tasting was excellent! You can tell my favourite brews by the amount that has gone from each in this mid-way shot – I always save the best until last!

After the tasting we were all rather merry (Tim perhaps the least despite the look he has is the last photo!), and headed to the magnificent food market to admire the delicious options and pick up something to eat in the sunshine on the docks, along with a cake for the road from this irresistible stall which also had  gluten free options.

We decided to take one of the cute little Aquabus boats across the river to head towards Stanley Park, via a mini-tour on the river. We heard from the guide that Vancouver has the second highest most expensive real estate in the world after Hong Kong, and half of the beautiful apartments with river views  are empty, which might go in some way to explaining the homelessness problem.

We walked along the coastal path towards Stanley Park, trying to avoid the hundreds of cyclists also on the path, and admiring the coastline with its mixture of professional and amateur sculptures.

We stopped at Second Beach (imaginatively named) in the park to get a drink to go with our cakes from the market, and sat on the beach to enjoy them in the sunshine without risking being run over by bikes. Tim did spot some cockroach-like beetles which put him off his cake a bit through!

We had underestimated how long it would take to walk to the park itself, and decided to leave the rest of the park for morning, heading home to the AirBnB via a supermarket to pick up something for dinner. We failed again to play Apples to Apples and drink Baileys, watching an incredible movie called The Intouchables on Netflix along with some more of that box of wine!


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