Stanley Park and Two Families

​Today was Sunday, and as Kate has work again on Monday we needed to head back to Silverdale. However there was plenty we wanted to do first! 

We packed up the AirBnB and the car, and drove along to the coffee shop to deposit the key back – and pick up a coffee each for good measure (a maple mocha for Kate, how very Canadian!). 

Next stop was Stanley Park again for a proper look around. It is absolutely huge, so we bought a car park ticket and drove between car parks, exploring the gorgeous coastal viewpoints around each one. It wasn’t clear if you could use the parking tickets like that or not, so we were prepared to make a fuss if challenged! Here are a selection of our best photos:

After a couple of hours it was time to leave Vancouver, and head towards Abbotsford (avoiding the confusing toll roads) to visit my step-uncle Doug and his wife Debbie, along with Murray, Rachel and Sage, one of Doug’s sons and his wife and son, and Doug and Debbie’s dog Bailey. It was the first time Tim and Kate had met any of them, and it was great to catch up with them all. Debbie prepared a lovely buffet lunch, and we sat out on their back deck which looks over a golf course, enjoying the sunshine. 

Around 4 we had to head back to Silverdale, so said our goodbyes and headed south. The border crossing was fast and easy despite it being 9/11, and we made the earlier of the two ferries we were hoping to catch. Tim and I watched the sun set behind the hills from the deck, while I jumped around to keep warm in the cool breeze. 

Kate had to head home soon after we got back to her parents’ to prepare for work the next morning, so after catching up with the family (including dogs, of course) we had a “cafeteria dinner” of delicious leftovers and had quite an early night to prepare for our next roadtrip the next day!


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