Roadtrip Day 1: Port Angeles, Hurricane Ridge, Elwha Delta and a Cabin!

​Monday morning and time for our next roadtrip, this time to Portland around the Washington and Oregon coast! I wasn’t as planned for this one as I have been on my previous US roadtrips, but with two of us it is easier to plan as we drive using guidebooks and maps, right?? We had at least booked accommodation for each night (we’re away until Friday) and had a rough idea of things to do – greatly helped by the guidance of Kevin and Jan!

We headed north from Silverdale again, passing over the floating bridge we had taken on the way to Port Townsend, and headed straight towards Port Angeles (we tried to find a recommended diner with excellent milkshakes en route, but failed). We spotted a Walmart on our way, and stopped in so Tim could see this American giant and we could buy some cold food for dinner and admire the sweety aisle. The place was just gigantic, and we got what we needed, and plenty besides, such as Starburst Jellybeans and Raspberry Truffle Lindt truffles. Holidays are for eating, right?!

To be honest we weren’t that impressed with Port Angeles – not much was open and it just wasn’t very inspirational. However we did eventually find a really nice cafe where I ordered a really good buffet-style salad, and Tim an Italian melted wrap, and we took them down to the small beach to eat them in the sunshine (see photo post-food). Having finished we didn’t stick around for much longer though, and headed on to Olympic National Park.


Our first stop was the Olympic NP Visitor Centre, where we learned a bit about the area (including spotting the views from Silverdale on 3D models) and picked up a map of the park.


We then headed on up to Hurricane Ridge with the park, which had been well recommended, paying at the gate for a 7 day car ticket (the only option really) which we’ll use at least once more on this trip. The views on the (long) way up were stunning, as was the view from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Centre and surrounding areas. Here are some of our favourite photos (which of course don’t do it justice):




After we got back out of the park we headed towards  the Elwha river mouth, where a delta has been forming following the removal of two dams which were negatively affecting local biodiversity and the lives of the native tribe in the area. After a failed attempt to find the area took us through a tribal area we eventually found the right way and an Interpretation Centre which explains it all, and then a beautiful beach area covered by driftwood which is partly developed because of this delta restoration project.

Watching the sun going down there was beautiful, but we were aware that we had to get to our AirBnB around our suggested time and also ideally before dark, so headed back to the car and drove the short distance to our accommodation.

Our residence for the evening was a small cabin in the garden of the owners’ house, will all necessary facilities and an upstairs area where additional people could sleep, as well as a sofa bed.

We had our dinner items from Walmart, a glass of the box of wine, and spent a good wee while on the deck wrapped up in a sleeping bag looking up at the beautifully starry sky. Perfect!


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