Roadtrip Day 2: Temperate rainforest, beautiful beaches, and an even better Cabin!

Tuesday woke early to the sounds of a creaky cabin, after a quick dry breakfast (no milk, and Bex thought there would be), we set off on the next leg heading south on 101, which Bex  travelled North a long way on on her previous roadtrip


First stop was Crescent Lake to look at the sheer sides through crystal blue waters,  then on to the Rialto Beach just outside Forks, famously home to the Twilight series (not that the author had ever visited the place!). 


The beach had a huge amount of weather and sea beaten drift wood with the most amazing hues of grey and white.


Heading down Route 101 we diverted inland to the Hoh Rain Forest, part of Olympic National Park and America’s only temperate rainforest. However with the unseasonably warm and dry weather the usually dripping green mosses adorning the trees were more crispy and brown than we’d expected, and to be honest didn’t seem that special! 


We had a good walk around though,  and found an interesting mossy river area and attractive bit of riverbank to bask in the sun beside for a few minutes! 

Back on 101 we hit the coast with its high cliffs, long expanses of white sand and the Pacific Ocean! We stopped at beach for a bit of sun and relaxation, dropping dramatically down to beach level down some precarious steps,  allowing me to dip my toes for the first time in the Pacific and to see some anemones! 



We reached our home for the night in South Bend after sunset so had to manoeuvre the driveway in the dark, and were greeted by Steve who enthusiastically told us all about the cabin and recent improvements he’d made,  including the turning circle in the driveway we had just christened! 🙂 He introduced us to his creation the yard, a’shabelier’ – hanging wire and fairy lights with some prisms. The cabin was captivating with painted timbers, a solid wood kitchen, and eclectic mix of artwork and artefacts. We were sold, and wished we were staying longer to enjoy tohe wood burning stove, hammock and other delights! Ah well, we will just need to come back! If you’re  looking for somewhere to stay in South-west Washington State check out the Cabin at Willand Bay on Airbnb! 






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