Roadtrip Day 3: Astoria, Cannon Beach, clifftop driving, and a Cheese Factory

Waking up in our beautiful cabin to a delicious home-cooked muffin for Tim (and the other packed away for later), and following a frustrating coffee-making process on Tim’s part, we headed south and into Oregano down Route 101. 

Our first stop was in Astoria,  where we saw a few nice old buildings, and found a restroom and drinkable coffee in a bookstore, and took a walk down the old pier front. 

Next stop was Cannon Beach around lunch time, known for being an attractive town with a beautiful beach. We walked around the high street, trying out some saltwater taffy in a candy store (sort of like fruity toffee). We tried to find a cafe mentioned in our guidebook and failed, and a lot of other places seemed to be closed midweek off-season, but eventually we found somewhere with a great gluten-free club sandwich option and outside seating in the sunshine . Tim’s Californian sandwich option was incredible – turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado and cream cheese in cinnamon swirl bread! It was a struggle to eat it though! 

Annoyingly, some ladies decided to sit next to us and put up the umbrella over their table rather than sit at the next one over which had one already, stealing our sunlight. We growled quietly and left soon after. 

We headed back to the car via the beautiful sandy beach with its view of the famous Haystack Rock. Plenty of space for all the people down there enjoying the weather! 

As we drove further south on 101 we passed lots of incredible sights down the cliffs of the sea, beaches and stacks, all with pull-outs so people can stop to take photos. We even met a very tame distant cousin of our own Charlie-rabbit out enjoying the grass on the clifftop!

Our next stopping point was Tillamook, famous for its dairy producers and two remaining cheese factories in the town. We went for the Tillamook Cheese factory, where we got to see the production line, learn about the history of the town and factory, and taste lots of samples. I liked the squeaky cheese, which tastes a bit like cheesestring and is made of the curds. 

Here is Tim, Mr Cheese himself, standing outside the factory in front of a replica of the old delivery ship…

… and riding in our dream adventure-mobile, a VW Camper!

And they don’t just make cheese, they’re also known for their ice-cream! The tub of coffee almond fudge below (it took us over 10 mins to pick a flavour!) was huuuuge and cheaper than two individual ice-creams. It lasted us both for the next 2 days and we left over a third for future guests at our next AirBnB! 

After eating our fill we turned inland towards Portland, where we had an AirBnB for the next two nights, stopping off at a supermarket to pick up some dinner items. We arrived about 9pm, and were pleased that our key was accessible by a key-lock system so we didn’t have to be pleasant to strangers! 

Our accommodation this time was less cute but functional, in a basement area. Annoyingly it was pretty noisy from the owners and dogs upstairs walking around and flushing toilets, but we managed to cook food, shower and get enough sleep (just!), ready for tomorrow’s adventures! 


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