Roadtrip Day 4: Portland and the Columbia River Gorge

This morning we set off on foot towards the nearest Portland Streetcar stop, and took the Streetcar into the city centre. We wandered around Pioneer Square, visiting a few shops and trying (unsuccessfully) to find a Cheesecake Factory. 

Next stop on our planned route was The Portland Building and Portlandia (below), a post-modern building designed by Michael Graves and rather controversial when first built as it’s not great to use apparently. The Portlandia statue on the front is made of hammered copper and is enormous (second biggest in the USA after the Statue of Liberty). 

Next we headed to find a stop for each of us, Voodoo Donuts for Tim (one mango and one caramely) and Stumptown Coffee for me (where one sip makes you buzz and they had gluten-free cake!). Yummy! 

After some dithering we decided to walk down the riverfront back to the city centre, in a busy park where we were mystified by the puddles until almost getting caught in the sprinklers. 

We watched a bridge lift up for a tiny pretentious boat… 

… and I had some fun in the fountain after watching a toddler do the same! 

We headed back into the city centre, looking at a few more shops and getting an expensive buffet style take away box from Whole Foods (and eating it there) before heading back to the Streetcar and to the apartment, to head out again for adventure part 2!

Apologies, this is going to become all about the photos from here on in, because we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge with it’s collection of magnificent waterfalls.

Our first stop was the Portland Women’s Forum scenic viewpoint to get views over the valley – it really was the perfect weather!

We then headed downwards to the foot of the falls. We’ll pick just a couple to show you though or you’ll be here all night! This is Latourell Falls:

And these are the infamous two-part Multnomah Falls:

It really was a beautiful and romantic place!

After Multnomah it was starting to get dark, so after a few more stops we headed back to the city and our AirBnB to shower, eat tea, and bask in the wonderment!


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