Boeing Adventures, Indian and a toast

Today we decided to go to the Future of Flight Aviation Centre and Boeing Tour, something Tim has been keen to do since we arrived, and Jan, Kevin and Kate came too! We caught the Kingston – Edmonds ferry (as we did when heading to Vancouver), then drove up to Mukilteo where the massive site is located –  one of the construction buildings is the biggest building in the world by volume.  

We were booked onto one of the 90 minute tours of the facility, and so after securing all our belongings in secure lockers (they are fiercely protective of their secrets) we headed into the amphitheatre to learn more about the company. The tour involved buses to get to and from that huge construction building, and between different ends of it, and a fair bit of walking along tunnels and viewing areas, but we got to see 747s, 777s and 787s under construction (not much was going on on a Saturday), and hear about the process. They only produce one of the massive 747s a month, which was less than I expected to be honest given the number of planes in operation, but more of the other models are produced monthly. 

After the tour we had a good look around the Future of Flight exhibition, where we both had fun playing with the exhibits! 

And we got a lovely family photo! 

By the time we were done at the Exhibition we were all starving, and headed to an Indian near the ferry which served delicious food that sent most of us off to sleep as we were parked in the ferry queue for half an hour! 

When we got home Kate headed off to some friends’ house for a few hours while we had a quiet few hours recovering from the busy day and week, and all the food!

We had been trying to have some celebratory champagne for Kate’s Bar Exam success for days, and finally managed to toast her fantastic achievement on the balcony under the stars this evening. I have no right to be proud, but I really am! And I can’t wait until Monday morning, when we will be going to see her get sworn in as a lawyer by a judge at the County Court!! 


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