Food Comas, Football and Hats

Today shall be forever onwards known as Food Coma Day. Perhaps not,  but I do wonder if my tummy will ever be empty again! 

We started with a family brunch at the Oak Table Cafe in Silverdale,  which was delicious. I had an omelette with crispy potato slices,  and Tim had another eggs benedict version with tasty potato pancakes. So very tasty! I wish there was time to return… 

Jan went out to run a few errands, and us “kids” sat outside with the dogs, and I recreated my hill-rolling excitement from last trip, causing all sorts of doggy craziness and strange white dots all over my clothes which we later realised were grass fertiliser. Oops! It’s just the right angle for a continuous head-over-heels role, so I had to oblige.. 

Having recovered a little from breakfast, we headed with Kate to the Silverdale waterfront (which I hadn’t  known existed, to her horror!), taking a walk along the pontoons from which we could see shoals of tiny fish, and bigger ones hiding under the pontoons. I discovered Tim has a fear of fish as well as heights – what a revealing few weeks this has been! 

After a wee digestive rest on a bench we walked along from the riverfront to the Silverdale Coldstone Creamery,  where I had a delicious coffee and peanut butter combo and Tim had a creme brulee and fruit waffle cone. So good! 

We walked off approximately 0.5% of the calories by wandering down through Old Mill Park and its rusty old industrial saw to the beach to finish our ice creams. Walking along the beach towards the car we realised that the sand was bouncy, like a trampoline, moving around each footprint. Very odd and slightly concerning! We moved up the beach then off it entirely to complete our journey back to the waterfront area by the car. 

Tim was keen to get an understanding of American football – or at least seems keen to buy merchandise for the local team, the Seahawks – so we spent an hour or so watching their game and being educated by Kate (between her shouting at the TV!). They lost, but I think Tim gained a vague understanding of what was going on. I’m still pretty confused, but I wasn’t paying much attention! 

Tonight was Ajax night, meaning we drove up to the Ajax Cafe at Port Hadlock for a delicious meal and much hilarious hat-wearing! We went there for dinner the Christmas I spent here, and it was high on my revisiting list! I got to be Tim’s lobster, a Mexican and a pirate over the evening, as well as try on a number of other great options, while Tim made a fetching pirate and Indiana Jones! 

Such a great night! I want to have a hat party! 


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