Kate is Sworn In!

Today was an early start on a Monday morning  for a very exciting reason – Kate was being Sworn in as a lawyer at the County Court! We met her over in Port Orchard at her office, before heading with her to the courthouse. 

The judge who performed the ceremony is an old friend of Kate’s, and after she had performed the declaration there were some photos taken of the two of them, Kate’s “law-moms”, and then all her family members, friends and colleagues that came along to cheer her on. Good work Miss Cummings, lawyer extraordinaire! 

After a coffee with Kate before she headed back to work, we went with Jan and Kevin to celebrate Kate in her absence at the Big Apple Diner nearby. It was another good, mammoth meal (although not quite Oak Table standards). Kevin even started with with an ice cream soda with chocolate ice-cream! 

After a little recovery time at home we headed out again with Jan to the Naval Undersea Museum in nearby Keyport, a free Navy owned museum full of facts, stories, replicas and real vessels of undersea naval explorations and missions. There was so much to see there we probably saw about half in 3 hours before it closed. Some of it was fascinating,  some a little repetitive, with loads to read. However the idea of being on a submarine or smaller undersea vessel made us all feel a little bit chlostrophobic and nervous! 

After the museum we went for a quick coffee at Austin Chase, one of Jan’s favourite coffee shops, where Tim tried a butter rum mocha (pronounced moe-cah, he hasn’t quite got it yet so we had to translate as they just don’t understand the British pronunciation!), and I had a peanut butter mocha. Yummy! 

Kate came round in the evening for another delicious dinner at the house, with Baileys, Apples to Apples, and much hilarity. I am lucky to not have a lump on my head after Tim and I simultaneously did an impression of licking up spilled Baileys and ended up headbutting each other rather spectacularly. So much fun!

It was our last night with Kate, as she will be away tomorrow night, but we’ll be seeing her for an early last supper tomorrow before she heads East to her training course. It’s all coming to an end. 😦


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