Its the final countdown! Our last full day in the USA (for now)

We started our day with a bit of a lie in before heading out to the Corner Bakery at the Trails shopping centre to get ourselves a coffee, and a warm cinnamon roll for me, and put the world to rights!

We decided today was a day for unusual shopping in Silverdale, so headed first to REI, an outdoor supplies and clothing store where I saw numerous jackets I quite fancied but sadly none fitted me – too big despite my eating my way through the last two weeks! 

We’d heard a lot about Goodwill stores, basically warehouse-sized charity shops with a real diverse mix of items you wouldn’t find anywhere else, so we went to explore the nearest. We spent about an hour in there, and Becca left with a wooly scarf and an interesting little set of drawers with ceramic pull out drawers with animal motifs for handles! Please let it fit in our suitcases…!

The weather had cleared up while we were in the thrift store, and I’d heard a great deal about the frozen yoghurt place in Silverdale from Kate and froyo in general from Becca, so we headed on over for an afternoon snackerel. We were presented with an ice cream tub and a wall of frozen yoghurt nozzles with exciting sounding titles such as pistachio and pomegranate and raspberry, and a wall of tubs of toppings, from peanut butter cups to biscuits, jelly sweets and fruit, plus a surface covered in bottles of squirty toppings to choose between. You add whatever you want to the tub, then pay by weight. I had a mixture of so many types of yoghurt and topping, including trying my first candy corn!

We’d hoped to go out to Scenic Beach park in Seabeck near Silverdale after family recommendations, but arrived with only half an hour to spare and felt it a bit expensive at $10 for a drive in drive out, so we enjoyed the surroundings around Seabeck and headed back to the house.

We met Kate for a goodbye dinner at Cosmos in Port Orchard near her work, meeting just after 4pm to allow her to get an early start on the road to her training conference. It was a good Italian meal, but very sad to say goodbye. We did each get a leaving gift of Kitsap County water bottles from Kate, which we’ll use to keep our holiday in mind!

We got back to the house rather full, calling in at upmarket food store Trader Joes for some gifts for home on the way. Then there was the challenge of fitting everything we didn’t need overnight into the suitcases… 

The sunset over the mountains was just amazing, and a really nice end to our last day. After dark we spent a few lovely hours chatting to our American parents over Baileys, thanking them for such an incredible trip, and trying to convince them to come visit soon. It’s been such a brilliant three weeks!



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