Homeward Bound

I use “today” loosely for this post, as we’ve existed in 3 timezones today and will have been up for over 30 hours by the time we head to bed, as we’re desperately trying to stay up to a reasonable UK time to get on top of the jet lag!

This morning we woke up in Silverdale in a cosy bed in the Cummings’ beautiful house overlooking the mountains. We’d convinced Jan and Kevin to join us for another breakfast at the Oak Table in Silverdale before we left for the airport, so after a sad goodbye to Sandy and Gibbs we headed out for another feast!

This time Tim tried a special, the Apple Pancake. It was huge and looked and smelled delicious. He only managed half of it, and the rest travelled with us to the airport! Look at that happy face!

It was sad saying goodbye to our wonderful hosts, who have been so kind and welcoming to us both. We hope it won’t be too long until we see them all again!

The drive to the airport went smoothly, and after removing some weight from Tim’s bag into our hand luggage (Delta must have a much lower allowance than KLM, who we booked through and gave us all the details) we successfully made it to the gate via a pumpkin spice mocha frappuccino from Starbucks. The first flight went smoothly (including gluten free food!) if long and sleepless, but we were late getting off at Amsterdam and although we made the 35 minute connection before take off time our baggage did not. We’re still waiting to hear it’s made it over to Scotland and on it’s way to our house…

We spent a few nice hours at my parents catching up and taking a very short nap (also being reunited with our rabbit Charlie!), then headed home via a little shopping and a nice coffee at Louie Browns in Dalgety Bay. 

Now it’s time for tea and a little Bake Off catching up, then it will be a semi-reasonable bedtime and this adventure will be over. Bring on the next one!!


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